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Simple and uncluttered.

I'm thinking of wide open spaces here.

The Great Plains of North America and cool Skandi simplicity.

Subtle colours too that

calmly mix and match.


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Big Pink

The Paisley design was developed from some experimental woodblock prints. My screenprint images are bigger so that's why they're called Big Paisley.

So, adding a big Antique Pink rectangle gave me

Big Pink!

(See also the Band's album -

Music from Big Pink)

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French Sac

My first commercial design and it's still a favourite with me and my customers.

Utterly retro and completely contemporary it sits perfectly poised in both camps.


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Bringing together my love of texts and textiles, fonts, vintage leaflets, french towels...


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Winter Gardens

I love gardens and gardening and all the paraphenalia that's required.

This is what happened.

Stalks and leaves, soaring birds and the glorious language of vintage posters.

They all came together, mixed and overlapped, beautfully,

I hope.

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Local Heritage

It started with the Bembridge cushion because the language and typefaces on the sales poster are so amazingly good.

The other designs followed swiftly as my love for vintage posters never waivers.

Celebrate an Oyster or delight in the 'Juvenile Mariners'!

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Four designs that bring together simple geometric shapes and areas of texture.

The compressed colour palette includes grey, ink, antelope and sulphur.

The water based colours are hand printed using a screen and paper mask technique.



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Random Retail designs are available to view on this website but I no longer sell online.

Please contact me by email for availability.