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There was a Royal Visit to Quarr Abbey in October. I wasn't invited personally but my cushions were as Shop Manager Lucy ordered some more to fill the shelves.

That's virtually a Royal Command and I was happy to obey.

Judging by the pictures in the local press, it all went swimmingly so no heads lost there.


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October 2016

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My other job, at the OK Corral Vintage Emporium, overlaps with this one and I wanted to show you a recent find. This beautiful little cloth bag.

The sylised floral design, with echoes of Arts & Crafts, is stitched onto natural coarse linen. The design is almost completely worked in buttonhole stitch and the colours are unfaded. It's lined too and has a sweet ribbon braid border. The amber coloured plastic frame makes a neat finish and has an ingenious flip-down closure. I've got a bit of a soft spot for vintage textiles especially when they're clean! You can see the bag in more detail at www.theokcorral.co.uk.

One of my birthday presents this year was a ticket for Kew Gardens and I decided to hang on to it and visit in the autumn. It's a real treat to look forward to a Proper Day Off. I walked all day long and really enjoyed the big space. The scale of the gardens is perfect for the massive variety of trees and you can get a distant view of the whole tree and enjoy its shape. In contrast, you get close up and personal in the amazing Palm House. Just take a few steps inside and you're surrounded by big leaves and dwarfed by the arched metal and glass roof.


I was contacted by Sew Style magazine too. They wanted to mention Print it! my projects book. Sew Style is a new publication to me and worth a look for anyone with an interest in textiles, making etc. Several printers and techniques were mentioned in the piece so thank you Elizabeth Lee Reynolds for including me.


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And then there's the steam. If you wear glasses, take your wipers with you, oh, and you might get splashed by the occassional drip too. The constant hiss of the steam jets adds to the primeval atmosphere and it's truly a unique experience. The sketchbook gave way to the camera and I took lots of snaps. It's good for your soul just to be there but it's packed with priceless design inspiration too. One visit is definitely not enough tho' and over the coming year I'm determined to visit the glories of all four seasons.

Stalks & Leaves design

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