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October has slipped by and November is disappearing and there are still a lot of summer things I haven't told you about. My 'Heroes Tour' took me to Kelmscott Manor, the sometimes home of William Morris, his family and friends.

It's a beautiful place to visit, especially in the summertime. It's deep in the countryside, through quiet lanes and past wide open fields. It must have been an inspiring and refreshing place to live.

The small manor house and gardens are lovely and there are lots of Morris family pieces to enjoy: Items they've designed and made themselves and things that friends have made/painted/and or designed. Morris's own collections from his travels are interesting too, particularly the

ceramic pieces.

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November 2017

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I have to make one more Morris mention and this time it's all about May Morris. The William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow is holding a brilliant exhibition called 'May Morris: Art & Life'. It continues until the 28th January 2018 so get along there if you can, it's a treat. Beautiful, beautiful things.

Her work is superb and she taught and wrote passionately about the importance of the design stage, so the bones of the piece are good from the start. Good advice.

She created elaborate work using a small selection of simple stitches. The beautifully observed details literally took my breath away.

Overshadowed by her father, inevitably, she was a star in her own right and I can't recommend this exhibition enough.

It made me look at some of my own vintage textile pieces again. For very little money it's still possible to find lovely old embroidery. Here are two I haven't shown you yet. Simply stitched on linen, protected by a 'cottage' frame.

Thank you the Morrises. What an inspiration!

Another press mention for Random Retail designs!

One of my new Composition pieces was featured in the design news of House Beautiful this November.

Composition #1 is sitting up nicely among some lovely interiors pieces.

Thank you House Beautiful!

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