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I've been interviewed by Reloved magazine! My book was brought to their attention and they wanted to know more. Reloved is a magazine dedicated to all things upcycled (and recycled and repurposed). It's full of interesting makers and projects and I'm thrilled to be included. My bit is in issue 38 so grab a copy if you want the low down on Random Retail, printing, recycling and all.


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sewing notions header

Continuing the Christmas mood I thought I'd visit the Random Retail archive. The Dove design isn't included in the current collections but looking back on these pics has made me think that maybe I should do something like this again. The dove image has been used by many artists as a visual reference for peace and Christmas seems the ideal time to keep that idea in mind. The last few cushions with this design were sold recently at Quarr Abbey on the Isle of Wight. It's already a very peaceful place there. It would be good to spread that peace a little further around the world all through the year not just at Christmas.


Hope you have a good one! See you in the New Year.

There's still time to try a seasonal project so I'm including the Christmas Stars wrapping paper and gift tags project here. Nothing could be simpler but we often overlook the simple things. You will need a potato, some printing ink or paint and a selection of paper and cards. I've used plain brown parcel paper and a lovely textured mulberry paper for my samples. Any plain paper will work here. You probably don't need instructions but they're all there in the book if you want to refresh your memory. It's a very enjoyable and Christmassy way to pass a couple of hours and if you have children they'll love to join in. It's economic, unique and personal.

That's what I call Proper Christmas Spirit.


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