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I can't let a May newsletter pass into history without mentioning my birthday. I just squeeze in at the end of May and my daughter Holly comes too.

(We share the same birthday - what are the odds?)

This is one of my all time favourite shots. Holly took it some years ago when I used to make and sell BUNTING. What more appropriate picture could I add here? It has such a peaceful, magic atmosphere and was taken in our local Firestone Copse. Yes, we had to carry the ladder and all the photographic equipment along muddy paths and around ant hills but we think it was worth it.




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May 2016

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Still on the birthday theme, I've made myself a new Party Dress!

I used a mid-weight denim that holds a shape well.

I used both sides of the fabric for contrast and a simple Japanese pattern that was beautifully structured. The best bit tho' is the badge on the pocket.

It's a vintage cloth badge that I bought at a local car boot sale.

I knew I would find a place for it eventually and I think it's perfect just there.



I do love vintage fabrics as well as contemporary textile design and although I didn't originally set out to do this, I often combine the two.

The first Random Retail design was called French Sac and it's still popular now.

I found the original image on an old grain sack back in 2006 and it was love at first sight.

Several friends wanted a cushion made from the sack but there was only enough fabric for one. I had a lightbulb moment and adapted the design for screenprinting.

Size and proportions had to be adjusted and some of the text re-organised. It became the first Random Retail design for cushions and was a great start for the Random Retail label, appearing regularly in interiors features in the press.

It's still available to buy from our online shop and comes in several different colourways.

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Coming right up to date, we've just added two summery cushions to the shelves at Quay Arts.

As well as hosting numerous arts and crafts classes and fabulous live events they also have a great shop that's bursting with arts/crafts related items, many of them locally made.

We thought we'd add some sunshine into the mix - well yellow anyway! One of my new 'Landscape' designs is now available there to buy, alongside a bird and text 'Winter Gardens' design.

Love yellow at the moment!

www.hollyjolliffe.co.uk      www.quayarts.org