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When you're next in Worcestershire, please visit Mary Maggs shop of Contemporary Arts & Crafts. Mary has just taken delivery of a selection of Random Retail cushions and bags. This is a new geographical area for our products and we're thrilled to be part of the mix at this fabulous outlet. Thanks Mary, I hope they sell really well for you!



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March 2016


Nearer to home another selection of designs has finally been delivered to Quarr Abbey. You will find garden/nature/local heritage designs there in the cafe shop. The grounds are peaceful and there's coffee available too!


winter gardens

For those of you who might not know, I'm a keen collector of vintage textiles. I love them for their own selves but inevitably they sneak into my designs too. You can see a clear example of this here. I rescued a small piece of linen fabric that is beautifully embroidered with the word Linen. It's probably all that remains of a vintage washing bag but I can't let these things go for rags or landfill. It's such a lovely design but there is only the one precious piece. One of the things that I love about screenprinting is the way a design can be captured and then produced again, prolonging the life of a lovely fragment and allowing more people to see and enjoy it. This design translated so well to a printed image and we've rescued someone else's careful work too.

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I produced several samples/trials of machine embroidered pieces this month. The strong colours of the dyed calico open up a whole range of new colour options. I'm just enjoying the process at the moment but I must make some decisions soon. I would like to produce these dyed, printed and embroidered pieces as a new range.

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