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Finally, I have samples and I have pictures! I've spent some time trying to capture ideas that have been rolling around in my head for months. Ideas for designs that are more abstract, more to do with shape and texture with overlapping colours and the subtle changes that are then created.

Composition 1,2 3 and 4. With a condensed palette, grey, sulphur, ink and antelope and a natural progression from my recent 'Landscape' designs. I love these colours. I love too, the delicate textures that are graded from strong to almost gone, animating the surface and adding extra interest.

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June 2017

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I think I'm in thrall to moody colours at the moment. I found two old tapestry pictures recently and fell in love with them. Beautifully stitched by Doris Davies-Cooke and boldly framed in dark painted wood. It's unusual to find work of this age that has such well preserved rich deep colours and they are stunning. I can't keep all the lovely things tho' and they're now for sale on our vintage/retro/rescued website. Passing them on to the next person to enjoy and love. Here's one of them.

My two recent print project can now be revealed!


91 Magazine is full of beautiful things and they run a very creative and interesting blog too. My 'Shooting Stars' design is there online now, with a step-by-step guide for a do-it-yourself project. Stencilling is a good way to work if you're new to design and if you have limited space. Follow my design or create your own. There are a few useful tips included that should help. Have a go!


The second project is published in Reloved Magazine, issue 43. This publication is all about recycling and upcycling and my pillow case project fits in nicely. Stencilling again, with guidance. Practice on a tea towel and work up to a pillow case. Once you get started there will be patterns everywhere!

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Both of these projects were photographed by my daughter Holly and we enjoyed working on them together. The shots of my new designs, Composition 1,2 3 and 4, were also taken by Holly. Beautifully.