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I have previously mentioned in passing, the OK Corral.

It's our online vintage/retro/old things shop, where we sell the wonderful items that we find. The crossover of design elements from old crockery, sales leaflets, textile scraps etc into my textile design work was inevitable, I guess.

These influences are subtle, not really intentional, just the result of having searched for good 'finds' for many years and being immersed in them. They're in my blood.


Some influences are more subtle than others. For instance I've long been a fan of Wood's Ware crockery. In recent years it has been liberated from school canteens and WI cupboards nationwide so now we can all have some.

I love the simple, practical, clean lines and general usefulness of this range.

I like the colours too but hadn't quite appreciated how they had crept into

my design work. Beryl, Iris and Jasmine; green, blue and yellow but a very particular vintage, utility green, blue and yellow. This season, I introduced two new colours into the Big Paisley range. A quiet blue and green that feels contemporary and fresh. After the colours were mixed and tested I realised what they were - Beryl and Iris from the Wood's Ware colour range.

See what I mean!



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June 2016

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I write a monthly blog for the OK Corral too. It's called Still Life Interior and is a sort of shop window - on a mantelpiece. This month we have three framed embroideries. By its very nature an embroidered textile is fragile. I often find scraps and fragments (for me) but only occasionally find good work that is also in good condition. These latest finds were probably framed on completion and so are very well preserved. The embroidery is faultless. It's worked in satin stitch on natural linen cloth. The roses are pink, yellow and deep red but each colour is graded so the flowers look textured and animated. Beautiful work by an unknown hero many years ago, that can still inspire and delight us today.



As it's summer (!) I've been on an excursion. I spent the weekend in Bath. There's lots to see and do ; the excellent Costume Museum, the American Museum (quilts to die for), really good buskers, the Baths of course and endless Jane Austen moments. I went to the Forum, a venue on the edge of town. The outside doesn't prepare you for the inside. It's amazing. Art Deco Heaven. A proper theatre, with a balcony, enormous glass and metal deco ceiling lights and a breathtaking and very big ceiling 'rose' modelled to resemble a Chinese lantern WITH tassle. The thing I actually took a photo of was this glorious wall panel. Deco Perfecto pattern, black green and gold gloriousness. The gig was good too! On the way home I walked beneath this cheerful umbrella installation. 'I'm singing in the rain...'

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