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I've made another dress! I've always loved making clothes.

I made my first dress, a 'shift', when I was 13 years old.

It was a bit lumpy but I was thrilled with the result and more

than that, I realised the potential: I could make things to wear.

Clothes become a very important issue when you enter your


I recently found some gorgeous white slubby cotton fabric and

(funnily enough) a shift style dress pattern. The idea was to print

on the fabric first so I had to seriously consider scale, mine and

that of the printed pattern. I had also recently mixed a luscious

Desert Pink printing ink and wanted to try it out. I adapted my

'Stalks & Leaves' design for the dress, see pics for the end result.

Front and back are printed slightly differently using the colours

Desert Pink and Antelope. Though I say it myself the dress fits beautifully and I really enjoyed making it and it's not a cushion!


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July 2016

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There are two more studio successes to record here. Have you seen the August issue of Coast magazine? Page 35. Not one, not two but three navy French Sac cushions sat in a row in a very lovely kitchen. It was a brilliant surprise to see them included in this beautiful house shoot. Plus, they weren't magazine props but had actually been purchased by the owners for their home. That's what they're for of course but it's pretty thrilling to see my work in someone else's kitchen! Thank you Coast magazine and Alex from Sea Purse, a fabulous coastal home that is available to let!



We've been asked back to Quarr Abbey too. Lucy has ordered more cushions and bags for their shop. The Local Heritage designs, Gardeners design and Winter Gardens designs have proved to be popular there and this time we're trying the Dove design too.

It's a special place and my grandaughter and I spent ages looking at the hens.



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I found a great textile piece again at one of my regular car boot haunts. I, sort of, collect these heavy cotton cloths and use them as hand towels. Some of them were designed to be hand towels but they are also tray cloths, napkins etc. This newest one has an unusual and rather lovely woven band of lilac across the width of the cloth. Above that, another special detail, there are two lilac embroidered initials. The hem even has a row of drawn fabric stitch which makes a pattern of tiny holes. That's an amazing amount of embellishment for such a simple cloth. Another of my finds has O.H. as it's laundry mark. It almost certainly once lived at Osborne House, our local bolthole for Queen Victoria and Albert.

Colourful hand embroidered borders are found most often and I have one pictured here. The clever work of someone who simply wanted to make their plain cloths just that bit prettier.

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