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January came round again and unlike last year, I did follow the plan. The print studio is clean and organised for the New Year. A clear studio, a clear head. That should work, shouldn't it?

I mentioned my interview with Reloved magazine in last month's blog but when I saw the piece in print I was amazed. My 'blockhead' block printed cushion project is included in full so give it a go! They asked me about how I became interested in screenprinting and also how and where I work. They included some of my daughter's beautiful photography and even managed to include a shot of me. That's a first! It's a great magazine full of projects, ideas and makers. For me, a great start to 2017.


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February 2017

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'Vintage to Print' was already happening a long time before I thought of the name. I often rifle through my collection of vintage textiles for pleasure and for inspiration. This sweet bluebird was embroidered onto a vintage tea cosy that I found somewhere. Car boot sale? Charity shop? I can't remember exactly but it was clean and in good condition so worth holding on to. I remembered it again when I was planning a bird image for one of my designs. It graced my 'Just a Sparrow' design and flew across the 'Winter Gardens' cushions. I like the bird on its own too and I sometimes print a few onto calico bags.

I hope you checked out the online Sample Sale that we held in January. I gradually build up a little stash of samples through the year and it's nice to be able to offer them to customers at a greatly reduced price. They aren't 'seconds' but pieces that I've printed for my own Gallery shots or as special requests for magazine shoots. If you'd like to be on my contact list please email me. Then you'll be sure to know when the next Sample Sale is held.

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I plan to make Random Retail a little more random this year. Look out for the feature on the homepage each month. I often come across lovely old stools in my vintage-gathering outings. I especially like the 50s/60s kitchen stools with the loose-lid seats. After a bit of care and attention the wood scrubs up a treat and then I recover the seats with various fabrics. I usually sell them at textiles sales or fairs but I thought I'd try this one online. The seat has been covered with a piece of my 'Landscape' design printed fabric. If you'd like to know more check the homepage again and click the link for details.


We've had lots of fog on the Island this month. The bare branches are dripping with sparkling water drops and the foghorns moan through the sea mists. It's so atmospheric. I love it.